Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Serendipity gift cards

I promised to have a gift bag ready for a MOPs auction today and I have procrastinated terribly. As I was, um, researching (ie checking out blogs) this am, I found this post and came up with a great idea!! I made a little set of gift cards in a bag with serendipity, a new paper pack from CTMH that is available from mid December through the end of January. Super paper...very versatile!! TFL!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Parenting with PeeWee Herman...

OK, so you know I am having a bad day when I resort to using Pee Wee Herman as inspiration in my parenting (can I be arrested for that...). My five year old is very high energy. I had a sleepless night and on my way to pick her up had an incredible and sudden sneezing attack. Trying desperately to keep the car on the road, I made it to the pick up line. She got in and gave the Kindergarten attendant who helped her a sweet little smile, almost as nice as the one reserved for Santa (see attached photo). Once safely buckled in she spun her head around 360 degree and spewed forth vile words and demanded I take her home. I decided right then it wasn't going to be a good day. That was confirmed when the peace offering cheese stick I tentatively handed her became a missile, narrowly missing my head, sigh...And then things got difficult. I managed to feed her some lunch and got a movie on. My sneezing finally subsided (What was that!!) and I had a little relief when she got stuck in the Close to my Heart catalog boxes that she had just ripped through. I debated the consequences of letting her stay stuck while I perused my new catalog, but decided against it when she started crying she had to go to the bathroom. That is when the Pee Wee Herman inspiration came. She wanted me to dance. OK...I did Pee Wee Herman's Tequila. She loved it. We found it on You Tube and she is now practicing it. I have posted the original You Tube here for your nostalgic pleasure and hope to have the Tina version sometime in the future...if not, its back into the boxes for her!!