Friday, March 21, 2008

really Good Friday candy???

This questionnaire is on Melodee Langworth's blog...I decided to answer it here and post it for all of you...if you answer it on her blog, you have a chance to win a BEAUTIFUL album kit. She is one of my scrapping idols, so good luck with the album (I mean if I don't win it!!!)

1. What do you put in your kids Easter baskets?
it differs every year, but I ALWAYS put a little candy and a lot of other stuff...they get too many sweets as it is. I just put my favs and hope they share!!
2. Do you go to a sunrise service at your church?
we usually go to the Easter Vigil...and as many events as we can that lead up to it, including Good Friday Stations of the Cross.
3. Name one traditional dish you always serve/ eat on Easter.
Peanut butter eggs ;o)
4. What is your fondest memory of Easter as a child?
All my cousins getting together and doing an egg hunt. One year, our dog got out first and ate all the eggs...she was sooooo sick!!
5. Do you color eggs at your house?
yes!! here we are coloring this years eggs...I am not sure who got more tattoo's; the eggs or the girls!!
6. As an adult, what is special about Easter to you?
Now that I understand the true meaning of Easter, I am always amazed that God could love us so much to send His son and allowed Him to go through all that for us. I am humbled by the whole experience and look forward to Lent in order to spend this special time preparing for His Resurrection.

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