Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home again...

Spent most of the summer in Pennsylvania with the kids. Nate stayed here in TX to practice with the high school football team, but the rest of us froze in PA. I am not sure how I lived there my whole and never realized that all those trees block out any sun!! I ended up with S.A.D. from lack of sunlight...and it was July and August!! I think the only reason we don't all jump off the roof in the winter is because all the trees drop and we can finally get some sun!!

Looking forward to starting up my CTMH crops again. The company rewarded us with an AMAZING new catalog!! I can't wait to share with my local customers at the crops!! But I will share a new card kit that we have available. I sat down and made 16 cards in a day with the kit!! Needed an ink fix after being off scrapping all summer!!! Too cute! Off to charge my camera batteries.

This photo is one from the summer. While we were in PA, the Jonas Brothers played Montage Mountain. While I have vowed never to sit on the lawn, my girls begged soooooo much, I relented. The Brothers were about as big as the letters on this post but they didn't care. Tina was still able to yell, "I LOVE Joe Jonas" loud enough to get his attention, I am sure (Joe, if you are looking for Tina, she is too young for you!!) We were excited to see the Brothers driving in while we were standing in line. Luckily they had a police (well, several police ;o) escort because they were close enough to grab and there were some excited girls!! I think I got a glimpse of what Beatle Fever must have been like! Then we started hearing rumors that they are living here in TX now!! The girls couldn't wait to get home!! This picture was Jaqui and Tina posing by the Jonas Bus :o)

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Laura Lee said...

yes it is very cold up North, how did you live up there so long?