Thursday, February 3, 2011

I LOVE Teachers!!

Ok, I know that many people, myself included, have been quick to "dis" our schools...but when you look what these snow days piling up on snow days have done to us...and here in TX we have only had a few. There are news articles being published regarding the lack of school and isolation for the primary caregivers. I have seen moms worried, rightly so, about how this disrupts the kids routines...especially autistic children. So I say teachers, We Love You!! Special Kudo's to my 3rd grade sons teacher!! She is always super helpful, but this week she sent out a special extra credit assignment for her students...what is there to do on a fun snow day! So we are getting some extra credit and I get a little time off from "what can I do now!!" I am using that time to make some card sets for the teachers for the end of the year...slowly, since, you know...I have 11 kids at home!!! Here comes the sun!
here's a peek at some of my cards...

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