Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Look

As you can see, I am revamping my blog...I used it originally as a journal/art dump. I have recently decided I have something to say and began the makeover. Actually, if there is anyone reading this, you might recall I remarked that I was going to write a book about early 20th century Russian martyrs...yeah. That's what everyone said...my husband predicted a best seller. I felt especially compelled to write during a mass where a missionary priest was talking about far east Russia, catholic persecution and the martyrs. I figured He wanted me to write about them. Goes against the little I do know about writing...I know nothing about the martyrs, communism, heck, I didn't even know Russia had a far east, but I was trying to be obedient. That is generally a problem for me but I do try; just ask me some day about why my husband and I have adopted 11 children. The feeling didn't pass though, I began to think that maybe it was the writing and not the topic I was to begin. I am no expert on reading God's Will, though, and so in my imperfect way, I will explore the thought in my blog and try to practice following His Will. How hard could it be...there is a manual, right? So, I decided if I am going to take this writing seriously, first, I have to write...disciplined and routinely. Um, and probably about something I know--though don't hold me to that. Fiction is a viable genre ;o) If you decide to join me for this journey, strap in, and hang on tight. I have no map and only a vague direction...its likely to be a wild ride...

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