Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Epiphany!

Well, I did the disappearing act, again...this time it was health related. My bells-palsy incident contributed to my severe tiredness with my cross-country trek to PA and back, topped off by my children's vacation from school and yadda yadda yadda...Tough month! But very wonderful time with my birth family and some of the kids. Then back to reality with my little Murphy Family ;o) Love breaks...did I say I wanted to homeschool. I think someone hijacked my blog!! Seriously...I would love to homeschool except when they are home on break. If I could work out some kind of deal with the public school to watch them for me during the day...

So Epiphany! What is it? The best I could come up with was its the final day of Christmas. I decided with 7 new Murphy's becoming new Catholics, we needed a better description. After much searching, I decided even the Catholic Church doesn't have a good handle on this!! Very confusing. I finally got some answers on EWTN and on Dr. Italy's Website...Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio gives a great explanation. We haven't marked our door and blessed our house yet...that's later tonight but we did do a fun snowman activity I found on Catholic Icing and

 The snowmen representing, so I told the children, the Trinity (three beings one God) as well as the three Kings. All aspects of the Epiphany, or Jesus' recognition by the Gentiles as part of the trinity and as the King of Kings.
Truly, Epiphany is a great way to extend the holiday season past the craziness that it often is and remain focused on the season after the big box stores have already moved on to hearts and bunnies. It gives us quiet time to remember the little boy born in a manger who was recognized by kings as divine. A baby who could not care for himself who would one day die for our sins and redeem the world. Our next holiday frenzy--its nice to have time in between to reflect on The Man...Jesus, and, you know, eat donuts on a stick...always fun. Happy Epiphany people...its nice to be back.

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