Monday, November 5, 2012

Didn't We Do This Last Year?

About a million, childless years ago, Shawn and I spent the Christmas holidays with my brother in CA. Alix had a CD he played that had parodies of Christmas songs...One that stuck in my head that week, and obviously,  a million years later, was a spoof of "Do You Hear What I Hear?"--"Didn't I Get This Last Year"...It pops into my head at the strangest time, though usually more with, "Didn't we do this last year..." Almost everything we do is familiar, because we do it over and over again.

The popular media hyped a storm, correctly it would appear, as being a massive, never before seen "perfect storm." The storm lived up to the hype, and my family in the Northeast can attest, it ain't been easy. My heart bleeds for them. A week without power, the house blowing around them, gasoline scarce, food running out, and its getting colder...

News stories began to appear like this; very depressing. Yes, it was a once in a generation storm. Another article this week said severe storms may be the new norm? Now, I may be old, but I can remember right off hand several disasters that have taken our country down in just the past few years. FEMA is working overtime. I remember scenes like this during Katrina. Hurricane season in TX every year since I have moved here including 2 years ago when Houston went for a week I think without power.  All so sad, all so depressing...all so avoidable?

With our country a trillion dollars in debt, I am not so sure that I am happy that my tax dollars will go towards rebuilding in areas of the country that repeatedly get clobbered in once in a generation storms every few years--didn't we do that last year? I am inspired to see fellow Americans pull together and help victims of this storm...people they don't know. I fear for the people who have to rebuild and am thankful that I am not one. But I really question whether this is enough for us to go further into debt as a country. Is FEMA the only answer, or even a good answer? What did we used to do before we let the government jump in to protect us every time the wind blows? Isn't the onus on us to build smarter and better...safer. And to prepare more, including building up our savings to cushion us in times like this?


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