Monday, October 22, 2007


Yes, I know it sounds bad, but its a good thing. I always feel better with ink on my fingers. It comes from having parents that ran a silkscreen business most of my life!! Just a few cards, but I hope to actually complete a layout prior to ringing in the new year! I want to document on our new home...YES! We should close this week sometime. We closed in PA last week (thanks sooooo much Jack and Cathy! We love you!!) I have attached a sneak peek photo of the house though--the sweeping prom staircase photo (home requirement #841). The layout will give you all a better idea of the new Murphy digs...we are living on the soccer field!
One of the cards is a BOO card we made when we BOOed our neighbors. I guess we do Halloween BIG here (you know what they say about Texas!!) The house down the street has an enormous spider on her lawn (not to confused with the big snake that was living on my balconey, but thats a story for another day!!) Right now we are just enjoying this cooled down to 50 Texas fall (or as Nathan says, "like a nice PA summer day ;o) Its Fall, Y'all!!

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Karen said...

What a gorgeous staircase for all those upcoming photo ops!!! Very beautiful. I hope you are happy...all of you! Your baby is growing up!!! Yikes! Tell Nathan that comment about PA weather is sooo true!!! lol