Sunday, April 6, 2008

Down with Soulja Boy

Wish I was posting my bella babe card, but instead, I am sitting here heart sick. I have two boys that I hope become respectful young men and two girls who I pray remain young women of virtue. But when I observe the culture in which they are enmeshed I become very afraid. I spent almost 15 years working with youth in PA and feel like I am at least aware of what the kids try to pull. But there is a part of me that resists that children are really this callous. When my children would play a very catchy tune by SOULJA BOY I would tap along...but eventually it sounded to me like he was saying superman that ho...what is that!! Well, Ho did it for me...if it sounds like a ho, then it probably is! I am not stupid. Evidently, however, I am naive. This blog was pointed out to me by a friend (thanks Irene!) I thought I was a careful parent; now I know I am not vigilant enough. I want my children to live in the world, but I don't want them to contribute to the evil.


Jamie said...

Honestly, I have never heard of the song before. But glad it has come to my attention just in case. After reading the website about the meaning of it I feel sickened by it. :(

Queenygirltara said...

I agree Holly. If parents would quit supporting this demoralizing of children with their hard earned money, then it would have no choice but to stop.

SenomesDesigns said...

He was on Regis and Kelly a bit ago and I had actually gone to find his lyrics prior to hearing him "sing" the song. I was disgusted...I'm shocked that Reg actually allowed for him to be on the air.