Friday, March 16, 2012

Having trouble relaxing...I heard smoking helps!!

It's Spring Break, but I am convinced that is an oxymoron. I get that it is Spring, but it is still so cold. As for break, the kids will be more tired than usual...and me? It ain't no break! Rather than listen to, "what are we going to do now?" we have had one activity after an other. Six Flags, Ft. Worth Zoo, swimming at Keller Pointe, and lots and lots of games on the soccer field/backyard...It has been a frenzy of activity and I am going to have to put them to bed tonight early so they can start getting ready for school on Monday. Actually, I am lying. The weather has been great...a little cloudy, but we really need any rain we can get. But its warm. I have been feeling poorly, but while my meds do their work, Shawn has taken a weeks vacation to help me with my work. As I sit here typing with my coffee I am feeling pretty satisfied about having put some clothes away and reloading the dishwasher. That would be the truth. But didn't my carrying on about how hard it is to be sick and trying to take care of 11 children make a much better story...I mean, who is going to cheer if we say that the house is respectable, laundry caught up, and the family is going to hang out at Six Flags today. That isn't how it is supposed to be with a family with 11 children.

riders at six flags over tx

The whole truth isn't something that we look for or even want to hear. How often when we ask an acquaintance "hey, how are you doing?" do we not even slow down for an answer? And we are often granted our wish. Most people get their information from the news. I think that we may have some grand idea that the news media takes an oath of sorts and there is purchase in illuminating the masses. There isn't! In fact, a newspaper who puts all of its money in spreading the truth will usually find itself in financial difficulties while papers who spread gossip and lies will fly off the market shelf or receive more clicks on the Internet. Maybe the truth really does hurt.

In the past week, we have heard from a woman at a congressional hearing who claims to be a poor student who is in fact an advocate of the abortion industry. This excellent article is one of many that exposes Miss Flukes lies and hints at her true agenda. Wikipedia kindly cites her as reporting at an "unofficial congressional hearing" while other bloggers have written that it was an interview made to appear like an official hearing. She promoted her own agenda citing only anecdotal evidence...for example, a friend who needs to have birth control pills to cure her poly cystic ovary syndrome.  However, the best treatment for women with this syndrome are dietary changes geared toward weight loss, higher fiber, and exercise. Not a pill that is labeled as a Group 1 carcinogen. Feds "massively" studied this fact before "recently" calling out the fact that estrogen (the Pill) could be harming women. This was reported by several talk-show hosts at EWTN, and WHO has claimed the pill could be harmful since 2005; actually has it on the list as a Group 1 carcinogen for 2012. Why would anyone who claims to be "For Women" not look for non-carcinogenic options prior to advising a pill, or worse, writing a prescription for it. Fluke helped Obama make his mandate palatable to a huge group of women, but ultimately it, like hormonal birth control and abortion, hurt women. Maybe his agenda isn't ultimately health care?

I got into an, um, heated discussion on some site yesterday. Texans are really struggling right now. As many of you probably know, Governor Perry chose not to continue funding Planned Parenthood here in TX. TX PP has been under investigation for criminal activity, medicaid fraud, and other activities that are supposed to be frowned upon. President Obama said he would discourage any state who limited PP health care initiatives by making said state ineligible for federal health care money. In the heated discussion, participants began talking about a "news" article about a young woman who had many health issue that prohibited her from trying to get pregnant. It also told a sad story about how Gov. Perry's prejudice makes it impossible for her to get to the clinic where she can get her depo provera shot. She wound up in the hospital with incredibly high blood pressure and pregnant with a baby that likely has birth deformities from her lack of medical care and the drugs she was taking. Um, really...first of all, if I was so sick that my life would be in jeopardy, I would abstain...really. And I am sure that my husband would agree. NO ONE has ever died from lack of sex...but many have from imprudent sex. That said, I would investigate free and safe methods of preventing conception. That counsel would seem to be very pro-woman. I think that the Catholic Church has it right, but we don't always want to hear the truth.

Are we are so stuck on a woman's right to have sex when she wants it regardless of the cost--even if it costs her whole life. Are we so willing to climb aboard Barack Obama's Freedom Train Mandate...even at the risk of losing true freedom. Know the whole truth before you commit.

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