Monday, March 19, 2012

Who's Your Daddy!?

Its getting hard to think up clever titles for my blogs...Mostly, something will come to me and then I post it but I am afraid that I may be the only one following my logic. Sorry! Truly, you are probably just lucky to get a title. I usually forget, have to re post, and with my 45 minute blog time allocation, I just can't sweat the small stuff...titles, punctuation, spelling...coherent thoughts! Today's title came to me instantly...and I mean no disrespect. I am referring to Joseph, Jesus' earthly father. In case you didn't remember, like me until mass this morning, today is the feast day of St. Joseph. My husbands feast day. I wanted to make it special, so now I will have to scramble. We are having a rare frozen dinner, purchased by my husband :o) for dinner. Lasagna...maybe a little wine will make it more special! I have an idea for a gift that I have been wanting to try with the kids, so I will share that tomorrow...So there you have it. A forgotten saint day, a pulled together celebration, for a saint who never said one word in the bible! Did you know that? I didn't realize that until today. How does a man who never said a word that is recorded anywhere become a saint?

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St. Joseph's life tells us a few very important things about Sainthood.

  1. If God commands it, don't wait and think about it...react! At the start of Joseph's story in the bible, he is told an improbable story. His betrothed is pregnant with a boy who will be the savior of his people. No, Mary hasn't been with a man...take her into your home. How many of us would buy that one? Granted, he was visited by an angel, but really...And he listens to that angel over and over again, saving their lives many times. Has God ever asked you to do something? How did you react?
  2. Jesus, in his adulthood, as Savior and King of the world was always respectful to Joseph and Mary. He is always obedient, even when he has to defy them to forward his heavenly father's agenda. When he performed his first miracle at the wedding, he claimed that his time wasn't ready. I wonder that he had an inkling what was coming and was not anxious to begin. However, he did it and changed the water into wine. Yes, I know he is God...but I think that he had to learn that obedience from his earthly father, too. He was having a good time with friends and family at the wedding. But he did something for his mother that he really didn't want to do. His father taught him to mind his mother. Obedience is important. It starts with your earthly parents and that enables you to discipline yourself to obey the church and God.
  3. Pope Benedict said recently, "The lack of silence in contemporary society is making many people’s lives “more agitated and at times convulsed.” As a society, we tend to talk too much. Without any words, however, St. Joseph was able to impact the King of Kings and make it into the bible to impact fathers everywhere.
I love this image of Joseph and Jesus. Jesus spent 3 years in his adult ministry. Other than the first years with his mother, Joseph is probably the person who spent the most time with Jesus. What an amazing gift...

Tomorrow, I will share our St. Joseph activities and the gift for my husband. Its ok if he reads this because he is still waiting for his Christmas gifts and I am pretty sure he thinks I am bluffing...remember, honey...think, react, don't talk...Also, I am going to share an image for some cards I am making. I am thinking of putting them on etsy...anyone?

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