Friday, May 25, 2012

Autism Speaks...Now It is Starting to Scream

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Hey, have you missed me? I have been kicked in the butt by life. My children have entered another birthday phase. Add to that the end of school, spring football parties, and finals, well...I was done. My disappearance was probably amplified by my promise to deliver a second part to my last post on Autism. After all the research for my last post, I was so proud. I diagnosed my kids and figured out, among other things, their inability to succeed in school. Not only that, I had been investigating going back to school and was examining the choices at Penn State Online. I was shocked by all the new course offerings. One was a certificate course in Autism. Really? I had to Google it and there are many new programs and businesses starting up. That's great...when the crushing burden of caring for all the children who are being diagnosed and will conceivably be unable to live a normal life...marry...have children. At least we will have a more educated population to care for them. Established programs for them to live in and be educated in. I started to seriously consider the Autism program at Penn State. I could really make a difference in my boys' lives. I could help them to gain necessary skills. Then later I could join a program and help other kids...make a difference. My hold up, the one that had kept me from considering Autism initially was a belief that autistic children have some type of disability in the social skills...communication. All my boys are very popular and have no trouble making or keeping friends. Long story, short (and when was the last time you ever heard ME say that!): the good news is my boys aren't Autistic. Since I was going to be an Autism professional I decided to check out the DSM guidelines. Nope, not a one. Nada. OK, let's check Aspergers...nothing. Not even a little PDD...what the heck. In frustration I checked Learning Disability in the DSM and my goodness, there it was. It explained my kids problems to a T. But why not Autism.
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I have also read...a lot...about natural cures to heal autism. I will develop this next time :o) I promise I won't stay away long...but there is much anecdotal research to suggest that Autism, along with other autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia and MS, are caused by inflammations in the body. These can be exacerbated by vaccines, among other things. The government refuses to assign that as a possibility, going so far as to continue to expand the recommended schedule and increase limitations to objections. A memory nagged at me and I went searching for their vaccination records. Nope, they were not vaccinated as infants. My only vaccinated on time child was my son I adopted privately right from the hospital and possibly my oldest. The others were all at least a hardy 2 year old before getting, figuratively, of course.
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So, while its not Autism, I will begin looking into resources for could I not know that this was a stand alone disorder like Dyslexia. I though it was just a category for disorders like Dyslexia, but I digress. Whew...that probably saved me thousands of dollars. Then I thought about institutions that designed programs to combat the glut of children, mostly boys, affected by Autism. What about the other areas of Human home providers, homes, institutions, doctors...There is training for professionals, there are educational quick Google search yielded 1,310,000 hits. How many people are counting on these poor children to sustain their own families in a depressed economy. What about the individuals who profit from the vaccines in the first place. I realize that some individuals make considerable money from the research and development of them, however, there must be an army in just supplying America with all the vaccines we are required to submit are children to, even just in the first year. Is it wrong for them to want to make a good life for their own families...

Families wanting to earn a good living -vs- a generation of boys who may never marry, gain independence, or support their own families. Hmmm....tough call.
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Annmarie Pipa said...

people think I am crazy when I mention the presertives and origination of vaccines...really no one even takes me seriously...we didn't immunize our 8 kids against chicken pox when we discovered the original cell line came from aborted babies....
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.