Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 6 Boys Left the House this Morning Wearing a Hoodie....

Actually, I think a large portion of the 5 girls may have as well. At the risk of overstating it, if the weather doesn't warm up in a few minutes, I will throw my hoodie on, too. Does the fact that I am white (don't get me started on what my race is...I will be focused!!) make a difference in in whether or not I will safely return?
Trayvon and Obama, google photo

To say that it shouldn't be a factor is slightly naive, of which I claim more than my fair share. But I think that everyone should agree that it should not be the deciding factor in whether you will live or die...your skin color and choice of clothing. I think most everyone would agree that the choices we make should be more of a deciding factor in whether I live or die. I think that we could all also agree, if I am dressed like a gang member, walking around urban areas, steal a back pack, and run from the police as this recent story suggests, I should be at least fearful that something bad might befall me. Stealing at night is a bad idea...Stealing at night in the same area dressing in a hoodie and running at a time when racial relations are at its highest tension level since the 60's is not the greatest idea. But it still shouldn't be a death sentence.

A story that has captured the nations attention recently, however, is this one...regarding Trayvon Martin. According to one of the many reports on the Internet, Trayvon was 28 year old George Zimmerman is a member of the local Neighborhood Watch. As a member, Zimmerman is forbidden to carry weapons...they are not police. Zimmerman did not recognize Trayvon as a neighbor, so he watched him. Since Trayvon was walking off the path, Zimmerman followed him. Then it becomes more he said/he said/she said on the cell phone. We do not know the truth. What we do know is that
  • Zimmerman disobeyed the rules of neighborhood watch
  • Trayvon was black
  • Trayvon was wearing a hoodie
  • When he was killed Trayvon had nothing but his cell phone, candy, and an iced tea on him
I live in a neighborhood where we have an active neighborhood watch. Recently there was a rape on the trail through the park. Neighborhood watches went out to keep joggers safe. Hello...if I went for a jog at night on that trail, although the rapist is probably long gone, I would have some sort of a weapon for safety. If I was going out with a group to check on the trail, I would obey the rules. If I followed someone-alone-because he looked and acted suspiciously to me, I have some choices to make. Zimmerman made errors in judgement, mostly regarding violations in following rules when responding to neighborhood watch type assignments. In wondering if property was more important than young lives. Possibly crossing the line from his current course work in criminal justice at school to real life. Either way, these are things that he must live with now. The black community is making their voices heard through peaceful appeal to the local police and we should be able to move on. I for one would like to see this completed. I have many black boys, they wear hoodies, have been in trouble at school, and despite all my admonishes to eat green, love skittles.

This scares me...I don't worry about Obama because he is black. I worry about Obama because he has proven that he is wild card and will do whatever he want. This scares him myriad powers in the event of chaos is not something that he wrote, and he says he will not use it..He doesn't always do what he says he will. And this scares me...The New Black Panthers who self-identify as a "hate group", call for killing whites, and while not mandatory, many of it members are Islamic. They are not your mother's Black Panthers. I have a lot of black sons and they have a lot of friends, black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. They are mostly unsubmitted and rebellious...most of us are. And almost all of them wear hoodies and eat skittles. Most have been in trouble in school but that should none of these should be risk factors in living. Getting grounded, yes. Dying, no. Is it so hard to just follow the rules. If EVERYONE follows the rules, then we could breathe a little easier...whose rules, you ask. I know that I follow Gods rules as stated to us by Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago, written down by his followers, and translated through tradition and through divine interpretation by His Catholic Church. I cannot tell you to follow it, too, but I invite you to...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Radical Feminists Need to Vote for Santorum

An un-solicited, un-validated, and probably un-wanted endorsement...I know you were all waiting though. I finally decided to write this post.

Last week, I spent hours of time I really couldn't afford trying to understand a situation. A little boy, I'll call him Trayvon, but he could really be any boy, was walking around a development. This little boy was dressed like my boys like to dress, Gangsta! I know because I have listened to, "Mom, everybody dresses this doesn't mean anything." I lecture, and then they dutifully pull up their too big pants until they are out of my sight. Pants which we have allowed because I have witnessed my little brother go through this stage...his freshman slacks get tighter through high school and the older he gets Now he sports a bow tie...but I digress. I get is a stage. They will continue jailing their jeans until they get older and have their own style and more courage to be individual. This, too, will pass. But not for Trayvon. He will not get beyond this point because he was shot. There are plenty of witnesses who came forward to say that Trayvon is a good boy who would never hurt anyone and others who said that he is a trouble-maker. I will leave it up to the experts to make the decisions and pray that they are correct. Unfortunately, with all the press that the story has been given, it has become fodder for the nation. Our President, Barack Obama, made a comment regarding Trayvon being shot. A nice comment actually, where he called for the nation to pray. And I started to wonder....what is he up to?

From the little I know, and a blog article I read today, the security guard who actually shot Trayvon was told by law enforcement officers to ignore Trayvon and they would be along as quickly as they could. Said security guard pursued him against their orders and shot him. According to the blog article I read today, the biggest issue is the lack of following directions on the part of the security guard. But no one wants to talk about being responsible, so we will discuss whether President Obama is being racist, the American people are being racist, or why individual citizens should carry guns, which may in fact be, with the exception of Trayvons parents, the biggest issue. While we are looking at all of these things, we won't be looking at the Supreme Court deliberations going on in Washington right now...possibly the biggest deliberations since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was passed. Obama Magic...

I have have had to live through days like this quite a few times during this presidency. But the unthinkable...the HSS Mandate. Our president doing something that is illegal. Our president and I do not see eye to eye on many of the issues, however, I expect him to follow the law. In the past year, my eyes have been opened to things that politicians have done, both democratic and republican. I imagine I lean strongly to the side of naive with a healthy bit of disinterest thrown in. Things I have learned this year have forever pushed the disinterest out and I am horrified by how my country has let me down. Let me I have allowed my country to let me down, because I must take some blame. I am interested now.

So back to my endorsement...I wasn't interested in eating green...I was interested in eating free...specifically free pizza on Friday nights at our frat house where Rick was president and my best friends boyfriend was a brother. Eventually, I became a sister. I was charged with interviewing all the brothers prior to initiation and I did not. I was interested in the free beer, free pizza, and a fun place to hang out. I interviewed only as many brothers as I could find the time. I didn't have much time, as it turned out. At initiation, the sister in charge of Pledging questioned me...did you interview all the brother's. Did you interview Rick...the president of our fraternity. Uh, skinny guy, dark hair, sweater vest? OK, I made that up, but you know, I did learn how to say the Greek alphabet 3 times to a match and figure out where Marvin Monroe's room was...the invisible brother. But we weren't big on hazing and I was in. As you can see, my interest was not in inner workings of the fraternal system at Penn State. My interest was somewhat less...cerebral! But even then, I could see that Rick was a good man. A good catholic. I began following Rick's career through my involvement in our Fraternity. His first race...we tried to all support him. It is what we did...Regardless of positions we supported our brothers.

My excruciatingly long preface was about illustrating that most people do not walk a path for a long time. Our reasons for what we do change. It helps if you have a moral compass that doesn't change. Catholicism is a very steady moral compass. Since its inception by Jesus more than 2000 years ago, times have changed, but maddeningly sometimes, the Catholic church has not. The outside world makes advances, discoveries, and slowly, the church may update its positions. The core statements have remained unchanged. Using it for guidance will help you to be steady and fairly unswerving in your opinions.  If elected, Rick will not make his Presidency about turning us all into Catholics or imposing his own personal values on everyone. Rick lives its tenants, including the ones about love your neighbor, not convert your neighbor. Catholics are charged with pointing out a brother's sin lest he is held responsible for it, but not with making him stop against his will. People who disagree with the Rick and the Catholic church can be certain that Rick will not try to take away their right to contracept or abort or any other right we are guaranteed in the constitution, like smoke or indulge in any destructive act, allow guns to be carried by security guards who don't follow orders, or take Pills the FDA has labeled a Class 1 Carcinogen...He will be too busy ensuring that your rights are not eroded by politicians who are more easily swayed by the big dollar lobbyists in the FDA, Big Pharma, and AgriFood. Rick is the only candidate I have seen who has a long record of following the rules...upholding our constitution. Take a look at the issues. They are much more clearly and intelligently stated than I could say it. But look. And look how long he has been fighting for our rights. Then compare him with this, a president who says he is going to give you what you want, regardless of the constitutionality of what he wants to do. A president who told a representative from another country on television to "give him some room while his re-election is on", and then he can do what he wants. I still don't know exactly what Obama's angle is with Trayvon...I don't even care to guess what he means after election is over. His promises to Planned Parenthood. His promises to women. 

I do not believe in abortion and I vote against it and sometimes hold signs. I think it is a life that is being destroyed and therefore not subject to death at the whim of its mother. If that changes in the future, it should be because of me and others like me. If we can make the issue popular enough that the court would be willing to hear the issue again and rule, well, thank-you God. But our President can not arbitrarily decide that it is or is not good for women. I choose not to use hormonal contraception either, but it is a right given to women in the constitution. And our government has just labeled it a carcinogen on the same level as tobacco. Will Obama be changing his mind on these and some other issues when the election is over and he has more leeway? Are you really willing to risk it?

The only thing Rick Santorum is promising you is that he will uphold the constitution of the United States and your right to live as you see fit. The only real intelligent choice is one we are ensured of before hand. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just be the judge?

I am pretty sure this isn't what Jesus meant when he said, "Let the little children come to me."

Our 18 year old just got his first job. He resisted it..."this is 2012, kids my age don't work." Yes, honey, if you were in all AP classes and doing volunteer work on the weekends, we would just hand you cash...but if you aren't even in school, I think it is a bad idea for parents to subsidize their kids play time. In our house it is an old argument. We have been more generous in our stance since he started working. And looking for an apartment. During the week, his friend ran out of gas and was his ride back to the apartment and to work. He asked for and I agreed to $5 for gas. At the convenient store, I picked up a coffee and got $5 cash. I hurried out so he had no opportunity to talk me into more. He was parked on the back fender of my car so he could talk to his dad...he does know how to work me! Another $5 later, for lunch, I wonder how he is able to do I that weak. Or is he?
google image

Today, it was his dad. I heard him talking to our son on the phone. "your mom made dinner and i would be happy to bring some to you. Yes, I know you are working...that's why I said I would bring it. Yes, I know I promised you a meatball hoagie, but I forgot it was Friday...I know you are not practicing your Catholicism, but I still don't feel right about it...I can get you tuna hoagie if you prefer." The second conversation went much the same. I grinned at my husband--maybe its not just me-- and was about to make a smart remark; until my phone immediately started vibrating in my pocket. I said, "its your son." He wanted to know why his father was treating him like that. I told him that if he chose to make his way in the world, he had to take care of himself. Yes, I understood that he was working and we even were OK with buying him a special lunch but we were not buying meatballs on Friday during Lent. If he wanted them, he or his girlfriend would have to get them...she had already offered. He said it wasn't his girlfriend's job to buy him dinner (to which I promptly agreed and thanked her) and he said it was his father's responsibility. I told my son that I was not going to buy it, and I would be upset with his father if he bought it. He wasn't practicing but was baptised Catholic. I told him as an adult, he was free to choose what customs he wanted to follow, but if he wanted something we didn't agree with, he or his girlfriend was free to buy his dinner. He said, "but I want dad to get it for me." Sigh. I looked at Shawn, and he said, "its like Obamacare."

I think the reason Obama's mandated health care makes me so angry is that it is so similar to irresponsible teenager behavior. The only difference is by mandating we pay for it, there is no way to temper the behavior. I always believed that natural consequences would make teenagers become responsible young ladies and gentlemen, however, the older I get, the more I see well-meaning adults protecting their children from these consequences and the resulting tragedies that occur...up to and including death. The Catholic church has always taught that birth control was intrinsically evil. Further, hormonal birth control has an abortifacient aspect which the Church also discourages. And finally, there are proven negative health consequences for using them, regardless of the reason. This is the churches position since BC pills were first approved by the FDA for use and has not changed. In the 60 or so years since it was approved, the church has not changed its position, but the FDA has issued strong warnings, going so far as to label some of them pills as a class 1 carcinogen; on the same level as tobacco. Still, Obama would like to mandate the Catholic church to pay for such potentially lethal  and elective drugs and procedures. The Catholic church, its millions of followers, and others who do not agree with the use of the drugs would all have to help pay for the individuals who choose to use them. Regardless of the consequences, the constitution of the United States allows the individuals to purchase potentially life threatening drugs. That doesn't make it right. And there is no such right to it. But making us help pay opens the door to us contributing to many other things that we do not agree with or want to support. That is what makes it so maddening.

Further examples from this week. Lesbian with kids in the catholic school demands removal of a quote that she felt offensive. She could have just taken her child out of the school, however, she felt that it was a good school and she wanted her daughter there. She just wanted to change it. She wanted a 2000 year old institution to change to make her feel more comfortable. In a similar story in recent weeks, a catholic woman returned to her hometown for her mother's funeral. She was in a long-standing relationship so one supposes she is not in a state of grace. She told the priest officiating and also that she was a practicing Buddhist and then presented herself for the Holy Eucharist...the body of Christ. The Priest was reprimanded for his actions....she was applauded. Is it only valid if you "stick it to the church." Makes you think this isn't so much about a person's right to choose, but a person's right to choose to go against the church and make them back down. It is a spiritual battle...not one we are likely to win in the courts.

How about one a little closer to home...most of us have children. Planned Parenthood, an institution that has had arguably the most effect on our culture in the last century, has begun targeting younger and younger children with its message. They provide much of the literature for sex education in our school and they speak the language our children understand. They have begun spreading the message that  " Good Parents let kids have sex at home. There is no reason to stunt your sexual is perfectly normal and healthy to have multiple partners even at the same time. Just do it safely. Your parents don't understand." Yes, we understand that you talk their language better than we do. We also understand that, like our bishops, we are going to fight back.

google image

  • We will study the youth culture. We will learn the things you are up against, and we will remain or become relevant in your life. We will win you back.
  • We will set rules about important things and try not to back down when you test them. We will cry with you when you suffer from making a mistake, but will still love and support you, and live to see you in a happy relationship and raising a family of your own. We will be sad, if in fact, you don't make it but will pray that you embrace your faith, love God, and live happily with God forever.
  • We will not compromise our values. We try to espouse the values of the Catholic church...values that are tested over the course of centuries and not just a few decades...They are not whims of a few who have nothing to base them on except feelings; feelings that we know are only fleeting. We will hold your hand, support you, and love you. We know from living our own lives that it isn't easy...nothing important and good ever is. But it is true.
And we will pray for you and our world. It really is a spiritual battle.

St Michael the archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Who's Your Daddy!?

Its getting hard to think up clever titles for my blogs...Mostly, something will come to me and then I post it but I am afraid that I may be the only one following my logic. Sorry! Truly, you are probably just lucky to get a title. I usually forget, have to re post, and with my 45 minute blog time allocation, I just can't sweat the small stuff...titles, punctuation, spelling...coherent thoughts! Today's title came to me instantly...and I mean no disrespect. I am referring to Joseph, Jesus' earthly father. In case you didn't remember, like me until mass this morning, today is the feast day of St. Joseph. My husbands feast day. I wanted to make it special, so now I will have to scramble. We are having a rare frozen dinner, purchased by my husband :o) for dinner. Lasagna...maybe a little wine will make it more special! I have an idea for a gift that I have been wanting to try with the kids, so I will share that tomorrow...So there you have it. A forgotten saint day, a pulled together celebration, for a saint who never said one word in the bible! Did you know that? I didn't realize that until today. How does a man who never said a word that is recorded anywhere become a saint?

google image

St. Joseph's life tells us a few very important things about Sainthood.

  1. If God commands it, don't wait and think about it...react! At the start of Joseph's story in the bible, he is told an improbable story. His betrothed is pregnant with a boy who will be the savior of his people. No, Mary hasn't been with a man...take her into your home. How many of us would buy that one? Granted, he was visited by an angel, but really...And he listens to that angel over and over again, saving their lives many times. Has God ever asked you to do something? How did you react?
  2. Jesus, in his adulthood, as Savior and King of the world was always respectful to Joseph and Mary. He is always obedient, even when he has to defy them to forward his heavenly father's agenda. When he performed his first miracle at the wedding, he claimed that his time wasn't ready. I wonder that he had an inkling what was coming and was not anxious to begin. However, he did it and changed the water into wine. Yes, I know he is God...but I think that he had to learn that obedience from his earthly father, too. He was having a good time with friends and family at the wedding. But he did something for his mother that he really didn't want to do. His father taught him to mind his mother. Obedience is important. It starts with your earthly parents and that enables you to discipline yourself to obey the church and God.
  3. Pope Benedict said recently, "The lack of silence in contemporary society is making many people’s lives “more agitated and at times convulsed.” As a society, we tend to talk too much. Without any words, however, St. Joseph was able to impact the King of Kings and make it into the bible to impact fathers everywhere.
I love this image of Joseph and Jesus. Jesus spent 3 years in his adult ministry. Other than the first years with his mother, Joseph is probably the person who spent the most time with Jesus. What an amazing gift...

Tomorrow, I will share our St. Joseph activities and the gift for my husband. Its ok if he reads this because he is still waiting for his Christmas gifts and I am pretty sure he thinks I am bluffing...remember, honey...think, react, don't talk...Also, I am going to share an image for some cards I am making. I am thinking of putting them on etsy...anyone?

Fantastic Bunny Images by Kimberly Stewart @ Scrapbook Elements

Friday, March 16, 2012

Having trouble relaxing...I heard smoking helps!!

It's Spring Break, but I am convinced that is an oxymoron. I get that it is Spring, but it is still so cold. As for break, the kids will be more tired than usual...and me? It ain't no break! Rather than listen to, "what are we going to do now?" we have had one activity after an other. Six Flags, Ft. Worth Zoo, swimming at Keller Pointe, and lots and lots of games on the soccer field/backyard...It has been a frenzy of activity and I am going to have to put them to bed tonight early so they can start getting ready for school on Monday. Actually, I am lying. The weather has been great...a little cloudy, but we really need any rain we can get. But its warm. I have been feeling poorly, but while my meds do their work, Shawn has taken a weeks vacation to help me with my work. As I sit here typing with my coffee I am feeling pretty satisfied about having put some clothes away and reloading the dishwasher. That would be the truth. But didn't my carrying on about how hard it is to be sick and trying to take care of 11 children make a much better story...I mean, who is going to cheer if we say that the house is respectable, laundry caught up, and the family is going to hang out at Six Flags today. That isn't how it is supposed to be with a family with 11 children.

riders at six flags over tx

The whole truth isn't something that we look for or even want to hear. How often when we ask an acquaintance "hey, how are you doing?" do we not even slow down for an answer? And we are often granted our wish. Most people get their information from the news. I think that we may have some grand idea that the news media takes an oath of sorts and there is purchase in illuminating the masses. There isn't! In fact, a newspaper who puts all of its money in spreading the truth will usually find itself in financial difficulties while papers who spread gossip and lies will fly off the market shelf or receive more clicks on the Internet. Maybe the truth really does hurt.

In the past week, we have heard from a woman at a congressional hearing who claims to be a poor student who is in fact an advocate of the abortion industry. This excellent article is one of many that exposes Miss Flukes lies and hints at her true agenda. Wikipedia kindly cites her as reporting at an "unofficial congressional hearing" while other bloggers have written that it was an interview made to appear like an official hearing. She promoted her own agenda citing only anecdotal evidence...for example, a friend who needs to have birth control pills to cure her poly cystic ovary syndrome.  However, the best treatment for women with this syndrome are dietary changes geared toward weight loss, higher fiber, and exercise. Not a pill that is labeled as a Group 1 carcinogen. Feds "massively" studied this fact before "recently" calling out the fact that estrogen (the Pill) could be harming women. This was reported by several talk-show hosts at EWTN, and WHO has claimed the pill could be harmful since 2005; actually has it on the list as a Group 1 carcinogen for 2012. Why would anyone who claims to be "For Women" not look for non-carcinogenic options prior to advising a pill, or worse, writing a prescription for it. Fluke helped Obama make his mandate palatable to a huge group of women, but ultimately it, like hormonal birth control and abortion, hurt women. Maybe his agenda isn't ultimately health care?

I got into an, um, heated discussion on some site yesterday. Texans are really struggling right now. As many of you probably know, Governor Perry chose not to continue funding Planned Parenthood here in TX. TX PP has been under investigation for criminal activity, medicaid fraud, and other activities that are supposed to be frowned upon. President Obama said he would discourage any state who limited PP health care initiatives by making said state ineligible for federal health care money. In the heated discussion, participants began talking about a "news" article about a young woman who had many health issue that prohibited her from trying to get pregnant. It also told a sad story about how Gov. Perry's prejudice makes it impossible for her to get to the clinic where she can get her depo provera shot. She wound up in the hospital with incredibly high blood pressure and pregnant with a baby that likely has birth deformities from her lack of medical care and the drugs she was taking. Um, really...first of all, if I was so sick that my life would be in jeopardy, I would abstain...really. And I am sure that my husband would agree. NO ONE has ever died from lack of sex...but many have from imprudent sex. That said, I would investigate free and safe methods of preventing conception. That counsel would seem to be very pro-woman. I think that the Catholic Church has it right, but we don't always want to hear the truth.

Are we are so stuck on a woman's right to have sex when she wants it regardless of the cost--even if it costs her whole life. Are we so willing to climb aboard Barack Obama's Freedom Train Mandate...even at the risk of losing true freedom. Know the whole truth before you commit.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Head, Shoulder, Ab-do-min...everything but your, um, spirit

Dr. Nico

My 7 year old son called my mom yesterday..."grandma, did you really make my mom take Shakey-Poo to school?" In between laughter I heard my mother say, "So its science fair time again, huh!!" Even as a 1st grader, I KNEW that shaking oil and water together, putting it in a cute container, and giving it a cute name does not a science experiment make. I have spent years making my mother relive my humiliation of shakey-poo. When she doesn't seem properly sympathetic, I call my sister, who had to bring similar experiments in. It only got worse when my own children had to begin entering their own Science Fairs. I would have happily forgot each year, but along came Tina. SHE loves science and doesn't believe anything labeled Shakey Poo counts as an experiment. My older kids have grown up with the Shakey-Poo story but my new 7 have missed that golden opportunity...Antoine opened the door when he rejected making a lapbook for his science experiment. He was doing a combined science experiment with his 4th grade brother. In fact, rather than do 5 experiments, most of my elementary kids shared 1 experiment and Tina, of course, did her own. Of the 4 that shared, only 2 had to turn in a deliverable. James, as the oldest, got to turn it on the fancy big board, but I wanted Antoine to have an opportunity to turn a small project in as well. But I got was an enormous fit... "All the kids will laugh at me!!" Actually, by the time we finished he was so excited about his project he comes home and asks everyday if he can make another one!! I LOVE lapbooks. I am definitely going to go there for homeschooling. When I asked if any of the children laughed, he blushed (have you ever seen a black kid blush before!?) and said no. Then I told him about Shakey Poo, and he had to call grandma to ask!!
Nene and Ant with his ant lapbook

James prepares his own ant presentation
Combined with Science Fair, we had the Kindergarten stage presentation. The kids put on a great show and had to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up...Nicolette decided to she was going to be a doctor and has been treating us to (interestingly enough) the ant song, sung to the tune of head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...head, thorax, ab-do-min...its been an ant week here at the Murphy Home! Sadly, we had cold weather and could not entice any ants out when we needed them, but we learned why and how they hibernate...maybe procrastination was my mom's problem too...oh, well, alls well and we did not have to resort to shakey poo, which I still consider child abuse...

I got the idea for the lapbook while investigating homeschool options. I have heard about lapbooks for years and decided to make one to use up some copies I had made of the new mass responses that I downloaded from Catholic Icing. We had a great time and they were absolutely adorable. What do y'all think of the new language. I want to use it all the time!! "how are you holly...I'm good...and with your spirit ;o)"

nene and nico cut paper...strong finger muscles!!

kiki, nico, nene, and T cut and paste and make messes...yeah, we would be great homeschoolers!

Luckily, I will have all next week to practice...LOVELOVELOVE Spring Break...Course next week I will be writing to you about the excellent Catholic School we have here... so how goes your spirit!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bishop Van and the big, fish

I find mass very fact, I try to go every day. Last week I had a great day at Mass. The priest was discussing Jonah and great fish...didn't you always think it was a whale...who knew. Jonah and the really big fish. Anyway, when I started teaching kindergarten CCD back when Matt was a tot, I learned what ADHD was, big time. I think each of my children with one exception had it. When we blew through all of my planned activities in record time, I pulled out a children's bible. We started with Jonah...I mean who could not like that story. They were rapt...they took in every word. They laughed when they realized Jonah was going to hide from God; he didn't know God was like a mommy...we had such fun. And when Jonah was spit out of the whale, well, I was definitely the best story teller. I still have kids making the sound of Jonah being spit out of the whale--phfut!!  When I still had roughly half the class left, we decided to play a game...Jonah, Jonah, Whale, was born. We still play it to this day...
What the children loved, as do I, is the way that Jonah tries to hide from God. No matter what he did, God took him, via Whales mouth, right to where he was supposed to be. He did it for Jonah, who was afraid to do what he needed to do. But he did it for the people as they didn't need to be smote. Great story, great lesson, good times. We could learn alot from Jonah. Also from the people, though I believe they actually had to be smote. We don't easily learn our lessons...we keep repeating, like the people of Nineveh did. As soon as they learned their lesson, they saw that our Loving Father forgived and so they kept sinning until, Smote. I actually met someone yesterday who uses smote in regular conversation. She came to my house looking for her grandson. She talked to me quite a bit. I suspect she was trying to save me from the fascist Catholic Church. She obviously didn't know who she was talking to and since I am acquainted with her grandson, I decided to keep talking. Then when she said "smote" out loud in regular conversation, well, I was just pleased to hear it! I told her...I suspect she thinks I am crazy. I had to laugh. I talk to people daily online about religion. The only people I have to talk to about religion in real life are my kids...I suspect they think I am crazy as well. As I sat in church, I was wondering why can't we all just get a long. Why is it so hard. Jesus came 2000 years ago and said, right out, this is my catholic church. This is the head of my church. He clearly wanted us to remain one, catholic and apostolic church. Don't people who broke away realize that it is only our disobedience...our sin nature. Our unwillingness to follow direction. Why can't we just all pull together to take care of this Obama situation. Even Catholics are split...evidently there are Catholics who believe in a feminist agenda. I was reading National Catholic Reporter and was shocked to hear some of the opinions...I may have to split my time between there and Yahoo!!

I have been thinking quite a bit about obedience. I love the children going to school. I get sooooo tired. But with the things going on in our public school system and with the things going on in health care, I suspect soon I will be very dissatisfied with it. I have prayed a lot about homeschooling...probably because if I am not sure that is what He wants me to do, then I can just say "i wasn't sure." I suspect that is just MY sin nature rearing its ugly head. As I was starting to go up for communion after hearing about Jonah, I saw a woman with her two daughters. It was the first Friday of the month and we get a lot of homeschoolers on First Friday's. These particular women were wearing a lace head covering...even the girls. The youngest girl was wearing an old formal dress over another longer one. Very unattractive. That is the problem with homeschooling. There is a portion of catholic homeschoolers that just take things to the extreme...its so judgemental and unwelcoming. Maybe I should just keep the kids in school.

Well swallow me whole and spit me our, Phfut...

Father, protect me from my sin nature...Help me to see that there are people everywhere, like me and unlike me...all who love you or don't know You as You are. Perhaps they have only seen the ugly in us. Allow me to show only love and tolerance when articulating Your words. Help us to be one Church united in your love...

The best thing about Jesus' church...and our Heavenly Father, is his forgiving and merciful nature...

Bishop Van...I think he is still laughing. Long time since he has been called My Tushie...
We had a service with the kids who will be joining the church this Easter...Bishop Van was in attendance so I was trying to make the kids understand how important he is and how to be respectful. I told the baby girls they should say, "Good Afternoon, Your Excellency." and to curtsy...Nicolette tried, God love her, but somehow that sort of morphed into an awkward bow and a "Your Welcome, My Tushie..." Sigh...thank Goodness for confession...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Sincere Apology

I posted a photo last weekend. In my zeal to save babies, I sometimes don't think about the people I can hurt. The photo I posted Friday was an example of one of those times. I generally don't make racial remarks about my children. They do tease me for calling myself an angry black woman...3 of them are bi-racial and I counter that since my father is from Haiti and my mother's mother was from Barbados and came over on Ellis Island where they counted anyone from the Islands as Black. I figured that made me, you know, whatever more than bi-racial is...3/4. My full black children disagreed and said I am white...We laugh because they say that Mariah is white, too. You have to be really black in this family to talk...but I digress. Anyway, we talk about race here a lot. However, the title of my photo was in fact the name of one of Margaret Sangors Eugenic papers--Sangor was the founder of Planned Parenthood. I kindof felt like that described us--immigrants, blacks, and one lone native american we pretty much fit the description of the people she wanted to eliminate. My husband very gently reminded me that other people, like specifically him, our children, and pretty much anyone else in the world, don't actually read Margaret Sangor's work. Who knew...That said, we decided to avoid hurt feelings, misunderstanding, and any other unpleasantness and to remove my picture. So sorry! Here is the one we replaced it with. Hope you like it...
Have a great weekend, and again, my sincere apologies.