Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Has anyone noticed...

days are going by really you think the earth has eroded and it is making the rotations go faster. Or is just me...but I digress. I am here to share some bellas!
We have had some serious Bella-fever going on here and I want to share some cards I made. Orignally they were for the Bella-babe contest, but due to that erosion thing, they were modified to fit some challenges at one of my Yahoo groups and at Lifetime Moments. But the actual cards are for my very patient December Card of the Month partner (so sorry Dawn...its in the mail), booboobella for my swim instructor who is going to nursing school(aka that little girl who is trying to kill me, don't get me started...), and the superbella is for a very dear "invisible friend" who has been fighting cancer for some years. I chose superbella because she is a superwoman in my book. I love her and I pray for her and wish her all the very best and great big hugs and kisses (mwah, Linden!!)
So, I have been wondering if I am the only one who reads my blog (and Dianne, waving hi!!) and if it has anything to do with how fast the world is spinning and time before I digress again, stay tuned for Blog Candy tomorrow or honor of my first crop that I am hosting I am going to give away some fun stuff and I think if you have Bella fever, you might want to tune in.


Lis said...

Those cards are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Great cards Holly!

SenomesDesigns said...

Love the cards Holly - Especially the one for Linden :*(

I DO read your blog and added yours to the list of my favorites on my blog :)


Belas Creating Place said...

Lovely cards with the Bellas..great blog

Paper Princess said...

Thanks for leaving your sweet comment about my precious pooch on my blog!Great cards by the way ;)

Laura Lee said...

Hey, I read it, great cards and someday when I update my blog...please oh please!!!read mine, but that is for a time I actually update, which I will *ahem* in the coming months! :)

Love your bloggy and I can see where Bella is getting a workout, but I can't get any bellas! I can barely get adhesive, oh yea, and stickles, and BG...ugh!!!
ok...I'm running, ducking, hiding!