Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sushi anyone...

DH and I had a rare moment out tonight...the kids were being really good, so we slipped out to mass alone and then decided to go to dinner. I let him choose since he works so hard and groaned inwardly when he chose *predictably* Cowtown Sushi. I don't like sushi. To be fair, the only time I tried it was when DH fixed it himself (rule number one, don't eat homemade sushi unless you already love it!!) Well, I LOVED it!! I am a convert. I had to laugh though because fully half of the tables were teenagers. I am going to have to convert my kids or they will be social pariahs..
I am posting photos of my contribution to the valentine swap at bellaholics anonymous...hope you like. I am thinking of doing a workshop with a couple of cards. Do you think these are too plain for a workshop?
thanks for looking and have a great weekend!!!


Catherine said...

very cute. Glad u had a nice time with DH tonight and sushi for dinner...YUM!

tyrymom29 said...

These cards are very nice !!! Love i!!!Im so happy you both had a great time!!!

emily said...

these cards are so cute...i've yet to get a bella's been on my wish list for some time though...hmmmm....maybe sometime in the near future!

Laura Lee said...

oh yea, too durn plain!! NOT...those are adorable Holly!
Love seeing Tina peeking in from behind...too cute! :)

Sushi...maybe...when I'm drunk!

Lynn said...

Your blog is fantastic, I enjoyed my visit and I'll be back!
This Cosmobella card is awesome, I love the pink velvet ribbon and the touch of bling you added along the side!

I've never tried sushi, it could be something I'm missing out on.

SenomesDesigns said...

Hey Holly!! You need to update your blog :) LOVE those cards!!!

I tagged you (check out my blog,