Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're gonna have us a hog-killin' time today :o) (BLOG CANDY!!)

Now I don't want to kick up a row...I like hogs as much as the next guy...but I just found the cutest site on western-speak. Since I didn't have a chance to pick up my copy of "learn to speak southern in 3 days or less" I figured this is a great chance to practice. I want to fit in here in Keller, LOL. I found this site at Sunflower Studio where she has western stamp blog candy--so head over and see the elephant ;o)

Now I am adding my own blog candy--yee haw! I have a savaayshoppabella, three copic markers including EOO skin white, and one of those elusive clear topped nugget tins (I probably started the whole shortage...I wanted them for a workshop :o( To win you must post your favorite new bella name (maybe Em will check). I emailed a while back I wanted Sleighbella, hellsabella, and a few bella-fontes but so far I got nuthin'!! So post with your most wanted new bella and I will draw a random name on Monday 1/21.

My cards are for challenges at one of my yahoo groups and Lifetime Moments. The altered tissue box is creative imaginations and is for my Frosty Pal that I love even though she is tormenting me and I will never be able to look at a Peep again, sigh...maybe one day I will post the You Tube...

Speaking of You Tubes, Gina K had this one on her site today and I LOVED it...had to share too, in case any of you didn't see it...I hope you all had a heap of fun but I gotta shin on outta here before I cause any more shindy!!


Anonymous said...

Pullyourhairabella!!! After the day I had today I want a bella pulling her hair out :)

After that I think a Curvesabella. I know she has the weight work out bella but one designed for Curves would be very cool!

Love your blog candy Holly! I've been checking daily since you said to keep a look out :)

Scrapbook Mama said...

First of I saw that post by GinaK and it was SO POWERFUL WOW.(put it in my favs.)

Well now as for the bella how about Latinabella... HEYYYYYY I'm in the house! LOLOL.. I would love to see what she would do w/that! LOL



Kim said...

Thanks Holly - love your ideas. How 'bout an Addictabella or if that's not PC, then a Collectabella to represent all of us who love our Bellas. Or a SAHMabella? Thanks again for the opp. Kim in TX

carmen said...

How about disneybella that would be great

Lisa said...

Hi! Not to long ago I started playing a game called Bunco. I love the game and we have a great bunch of girls that play. I would like to see Buncoabella. I also do competitions so I think figureabella or bodybuilderabella would be great.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I asked Em for Callabella (or Cellabella)either name would work. She would be a Bella with a cell phone and would include text message type sentiments like. LOL, :), <3U, GR8, C U L8R, etc. She said she loved it but we'll see.


Tickle Me Pink said...

What I really want is a Fella lol. Gamerfella!! He'd be sittin on his comfy chair (like PMSabella) leaning forward with game controller in hand and a concentrated look on his face!

As for bellas it'd be Groovinbella. A bella just rockin' out on the dance floor :D She'd be so cute!


Lorie said...

I would love a militarybella and a militaryfella. These would be great to makes cards for the troops. What a fun blog and great blog candy! Thanks for the chance!!! Oh...and I love the cards girl! You are so talented!

Paper Makeup said...

I love your stuff! They look fab fab fab!

My new bella i'd love for Em to create is Punkabella. I want a trendy but punky bella! :)

Katie C

Lisa said...

How about Crankybella? Think PMSabella w/o the food. :O)

And Pokerbella and Pokerfella. Those would be FANTASTIC!

Lisa C. said...

I would love to have a militarybella (prefer a navybella since that is what DD is, also love to have diplomafella for my son who is graduating in 2 years

Yvonnabella said...

I think Tickledpinkabella could be a happy bella recieving mail from her Bella Sistah.

Slackerfella could be a teenaged fella -or a fella like my DH even! lol! He could be slouching on the couch with a bag of chips in hand, a bunch of empty cans and wrappers scattered all around him. (Imagine the card with his beleagured wife Bellabustah!!!! lol!)

Busybella would have a list tucked into her hand along with her Blackberry, a memo under her arm, a cellphone between her shoulder and ear, and a laptop, fax machine and telephone ringing at her feet! And lets not forget the children tugging on her legs! This is life I guess! :-)

ItslikeOMGabella is a teen girl Bella lying across her bed talking on the phone and painting her nails.

Motorheadafella is a fella with his head under a cars hood supossedly fixing Bellas car.

Anonymous said...

I'd reallly like to see a new fella or two maybe cardafella playing cards and for a bella how about Bountyhunterbella like Stephanie Plum..hahhahahah. However the new bella sistah and I would like a wrestlingmomabella or a wrestling fella for our sons. Full force into wrestling right now :)

Amber Porter said...

Me, Me I want to win blog candy! LOL!!
I want to see a ski-abella....or even better pokerbella (i play in a monthly poker group so that would be fun!

Allison said...

Listen to all these great ideas! How about a Britneybella? She could show up to random convenience stores and buy junk food and smokes...ha! I'm kidding!

Fashionistabella would be great...she could have various outfits just like Barbie!

Tracy in Michigan said...

OMG, first I have to say I second the motion to have some of those already mentioned like cellabella/callabella, gamerfella (my dh!), and loved the Stephanie Plum bountyhunterabella! Now, what I would love to see for me is Harleybella or motorcyclebella (Yes, I'm a stampin' biker bella!) and for my bff, a huntressbella - she hunts deer, bear, you name it. This one I would like to see with bow and gun (she uses both). Anyway, thanks for the chance to win!! Tracy Smith

nettystamps said...

After reading all these entries I have a block! They are TOOOO cute and so relatable (is this even a word?) Since I couldn't really think for myself I asked my daughter...she says Cheerabella...of course she is only 12 soon to be 13! :) Thanks for the chance.

Cathy M said...

I will have to say Addictabella, cuz I'm addicted to STAMPING!

Thanks for a chance.

Brenda said...

Oh what awesome sweet candy!! Thanks for this chance to win!! How about a Bikerbabeabella, and a farmerfella.
~Brenda H.

Linda SS said...

Great blog! I think a BikerBabeBella would be cute as I'm always looking for cute motorcycle images for my hubby who enjoys riding for recreation:)

Rachel said...

I would love an icecreamabella or sundaebella! My favorite dessert!

Shannon Roberts said...

Wow that is tuff one! I would like to see some more minifellas. As a mom of 5 boys, I could use them!! So how about baseballminifella; totally need one playing video games & I think since our queen is into the WII now just like the rest of the world. She would make A Videogamefreakabella!!! LOL

A Webb Of Creations said...

Can you believe I do not own any bellas!!!! But how about a Farmabella or Campingbella. Thanks for the candy.


tyrymom29 said...

A Campingbella and 4wheelingbella and fella would be awsome !!! I love the idea to have Milatary bella fella !!!! I Love the stampin bellas They are way too cute!!!!!

Denise said...

I think they should have a:



JenMarie said... about chocolatabella!

Val said...

I would love to see a motorcyclebella or Harleybella. Also a SantaBella would be great for the holidays as well as a bunnybella or Easterbella.

Jamie said...

First I wanted to say that I love looking at all your creations on your blog. :) Now for me to get on the bella bandwagon.

Now for my suggestion, schoolabella for all us grownups in college about to pull our hair out. :)


Lis said...

Cute cards, and I love your tissue box.

Angel Wilde said...

I'd like an Angelicbella or a Military bella as previously mentioned! GREAT goodies. Thanks for the chance!

Elaine said...

**Poolabella - pool playing or laying by the pool -- either one...
**Drinkabella - need I say more?
**Runabella or jogabella for runners
and I think my dd would like **gangstahbellah - but she is NOT in a

**kimonobella - I want a japanese bella! lol
**heidibella - A german bella!!!
**gameabella -
**Guitarherobella -
**Moviebella with popcorn
**Promabella - for prom goes- cuz it's coming up sooner than we think!

Linda said...

My favorite so far is Cosmobella--use it a lot.
I am a Customer Service rep so would love to see a bella with a headset.
Linda Peterson

CAKVD said...

OMG!! I've been wanting a Bella, but Santa doesn't seem to listen to me!! I emailed too and I would love a Yogabella. Thanks for your generous giveaway!
Cheryl KVD

Dawn Marie said...

Military fella!!
Thanks for the chance!!

Anonymous said...

Hug-a-Bella or Friends Forever Bella

I have a dear friend who is very seriously ill. I just want an image of 2 friends, 2 friends forever, friends that care etc. and I don't have an image of friends to send her. I'd like to see 2 friends in a caring spotlight, who are not shopping or sipping martinis, we never did those things.

Crestajune said...

I would like to see a do-it-yourself-a-bella. (A carpenter bella).

Susan said...

How about Cardabella? Covers all kinds of games and you could do so much with her. Bella slapping that winning hand down on the table? Gotta love her sass! Thanks for the opportunity!

Lynn said...

I'm with Allison, I'd like a fashionbella or how about a Chocoacholicbella. Thanks for the chance to win!

SenomesDesigns said...

Holly - I had seen that video a while ago, it sure is something else! i sent it to our youth pastor and he said he had seen it and was already working with the teens on producing this for our church.

I LOVE the cards! they are just too cute!


Selahbud said...

I know we've got the cardbackabella's but I would like to see a real stamping bella at work. She could be sitting at a table with all her tools and an acrylic stamp in her hand going at it. She could have her die cut machine, cutters, ink pads etc. surrounding her. Stampabella.

Ghazal( said...

After ipodabella I'd love to see iphoneabella!! And how about manicureabella, policeabella or singerabella?! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies.

Anonymous said...

The goodluckbella is pretty darn cute! I love all the bellas! Thanks for the chance at winning!
Nicole L.

Jamie said...

I would love an eggabella. A bella with a basket full of eggs in one hand and a chocolate bunny in the other!!!

Dana said...

I'd love a DaddyFella. You know, a Fella with a toddler (or two!) in tow! Since DH is a SAHD, I NEED this one! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win and welcome to N. TEXAS! Mwah!

Ettiene said...

I would love a yogabella. It would be great for thouse cards you want to send someone to say to take time for themselves and relax.


Susan B in Florida said...

I'd love to see scrapbookabella, or danceabella or danceafella or danceabellafella.

My one indulgence is a pedicure so pedibella would be perfect.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Susan B in Florida

Theresa said...

I would like a babysitterabella for the little girl who helps watch my grandbabies when we are traveling....she is great with them and we always give her a gift card or some cash to say thanks for the help. so i think a babysitterabella would be great.

Jill C. said...

I would love to see thanksabella, or touristabella!So much could be done with both of those!

wsdanielson said...

Absolutely a garagesaleabella!


Melissa said...

Pick me! Pick me! I would love a MardiGrasabella

Allie Gower - Crafternoons said...

Chargeabella - Bella loose with her Charge Cards.
KaraokeBella or Singabella

Allie Gower