Friday, September 23, 2011

Best of the Week of September 19, 2011 and some giveaways!!!

Heart to Heart with HolleyHolley is a life coach and in this post she talks about what you can do when someone confides in you...who doesn't have this situation. Much better to have some plans in place for your friend who constantly loses her key or the one who is thinking about leaving her husband for someone she met on the internet! Don't be caught unaware!!

The Mother Huddle
Love is a link to a Little Critters storybook where grandpa and the kids make his award-winning blueberry cream pie along with a recipe for little blueberry cream pies...looks so yummy! And how fun is girls are going to love it (and I am sure all the boys too!!)

Picky Palate
The woman who makes the most amazing desserts and who is going to work for me when I am a zillionaire is have a give-away and contest for Jif PB ( like her already!!) and for a KINDLE!! Run, don't walk, and enter!!!

The Modest Mom
This is her fall reading lists...I love reading lists. I just save it in a file for when I don't have a "must read" in mind...

Raising Olives
Raising Olives is having a giveaway for a book in a new series about family; a family that is leaving behind the ways of the world and instead embracing God's ways. Looks good!!

Ok, and one more recipe...this one for salted carmel cashew bark...figured it would make a good gift for the holidays...yes its fall, y'all...that means christmas is like, tomorrow!!

She is Dallas
And for you local readers, its alpaca day in Flower about it here from Ms. Dallas herself!

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