Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Bread of life Machine

"I have a moral dilemma." Not the best way to open the phone conversation with your wife when you are out with all the kids...But in this family...That is what Shawn said when I answered the phone last week. He was dropping kids off at football, karate, and checking out the garage sales. When we decided to eat healthier, the first two things I looked at making were bread and yogurt. Both are pretty easy, have machines that would make it even easier, and are items we eat a lot. We live in a pretty affluent area and have found amazing bargains at garage sales so I told Shawn to keep an eye out for bread machines and a yogurt maker. Shawn found a bread maker at a yard sale. He ran out to get cash and try to get back before they closed (most yard sales here close by noon when it gets so hot!) He ran back with cash and the seller told him, "you just made it but the good news is everything is now 1/2 off." Great bread maker, half off...where is the problem. Shawn gave her cash and ran off with the bread maker while she made change. When he returned, she handed him his change and said congrats on his great buy and don't you feel good...all proceeds are going to Susan B. Koman.

Moral Dilemma! Just last week I had to give up my Evian's because they were advertising a portion of each sale will go to Koman. After much inner turmoil, rationalizing and heart break...I really CAN taste the difference in the water-- I decided I would change the filter in the fridge and drink that water...sigh. But we cannot support that agency anymore because of its ties with Planned Parenthood that I discussed in this post. Shawn didn't know what to do about the bread maker. After some discussion we decided that he should keep the bread maker...it was already in his car and he had completed the transaction--but he needed to tell the women who were running the sale about his qualms. To say that they were shocked was an understatement. They thanked Shawn for letting them know about Koman's not very advertised ties to the abortion industry. So what about you? Do you think that foundations such as Koman has a responsibility to inform donors that they contribute heavily to companies that actually contribute to the disease that they are fighting to cure?

So, after all that, we finally fired up the bread maker. We didn't even know if it would work...we laughed about that, wondering what if we got a bread maker without a pan or a wire. We both agreed that even if didn't make a loaf of bread, the opportunity to evangelize and spread the word about Koman to others made it the best $12 investment we ever made and that tastes so good.


J. said...

Intention is everything - and since neither you nor the seller intended to support abortion, I'd say you're in the clear.

That being said, ignorance is a choice in many cases. Now that you know (and the seller knows), you have a responsibility to do the right thing. I'm not sure that includes evangelizing or informing others per se, but that knowledge should certainly impact your other purchasing decisions, etc.

Meanwhile - sourdough!

Holly said...

agreed! Using our buying power is probably the biggest way we can contribute to specifically targeting our issues and making our voice heard.

J. said...

I always find that interesting, and it's why I used the word 'evangelizing' in my initial response. It's funny how libertarian ideas can intersect religious ones.

I'm not as interested in changing the whole world as much as I am interested in making myself a better person. I don't care who hears my voice as long as no one tries to tell me what I'm allowed to say.

I've noticed that politically, things are swinging in very unexpected directions. Those libertarian/religious intersections are an example. We may be in for some pretty dark days, but maybe the company will keep us warm.

Holly said...

libertarian ideas and religious ideas always intersect...regardless of the idea, we always have free will. I am not trying to change the world. Just want to write and keep my brain from atrophy...the fact that someone is reading is an unexpected bonus. Thanks!