Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its all about the romance...and a good morning after plan!

Wow, that sounds cynical. I am really not like that. But love has taken a real beating these last, I don't know, 80 years or so. I can pinpoint it exactly, and I who it was who killed love. Wanna guess? It was Margaret Sanger...Yep! Margaret single handedly raised the idea of Birth Control for women. At first she was just that crazy lady who wanted to kill blacks. Many Eugenic initiatives were begun by Sanger in the early years. She published some papers along the lines of Disabled, Criminals, Negros, and Other Undesirables...nice. I am thinking of naming my book something along those lines, but I digress. After Hitler, eugenics kind of left a bad taste in the American publics' mind, so some of her PR people tried out some new causes for her. Not that she didn't want black people sullying her earth, but she just couldn't say it outright. Instead, her new message was over-population. That's the ticket...a great cause lots of white, middle class people could get behind. But the black community had to get on board too, or they might think she was trying to eliminate them. Black ministers were even better than regular black folk, and how about a first lady...Eleanor Roosevelt! After a while, Sanger was even a little to wild for her respectable cause, and she stayed in the background. By then Planned Parenthood was already established, there was enough support by the people, and Roe v. Wade was passed. They now took their message to the schools and that's all she wrote...fun sucker. Margaret Sanger killed romance. By taking it down to its most base, romance, responsibility, and love all lost. Even the kids don't get to think its fun. Its all about what they can do for each other, first, faster, and earlier. Don't believe me. Google PP for kids stuff...it is repulsive. And they have curriculum's for middle school, too...don't worry, Mr. Penis and Ms. Vagina are cartoons!!

Planned Parenthood sent out a tweet today..."don't forget to show your love by using a condom..."
Wow, I can't wait till my daughter finds "Mr. Right Now"...

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