Friday, October 14, 2011

Best of Blogville and a Giveaway

Sorry I have been missing in action. Some problems with the big kids, a school holiday, and extra homework have kept me from posting as with a big family...

Using repetition and song to teach children
I use this and it almost adults love to remind me still..."you reap what you sow." course not always in the spirit with which it was intended!! But you should hear my "hanging up my backpack song..." Can't wait till it hits the airway!!

Raising Olives
Eating good food on a budget. I wouldn't say that this is a frugal options, but many of her ideas are. It is just so much good information. We have to get the best possible options because feeding our 11 children without processed foods is a hard prospect and we don't want all our financial resources to go to feeding the kids :o) I was only able to read a little bit, but they really do get filled faster this way and eat less overall. She always has tremendous information.  There are links to three other moms talking on the same subject. I am saving it here so I can read it later, too!

Keeper of the Home
Real food desserts and a chance to win a cookbook. I have to say my attempts at just making desserts from scratch with altered ingredients has not been successful and the holidays coming up, I need to find some recipes. If you are interested...

Eighteen 25
OK, if you have a girl and are taking her trick or treating and you can sew, even a little, you MUST see this cutest little tote bag.

Brooke McGlothlin
A wonderful writer, Brooke has been sharing lately about her thoughts on her recent miscarriage. She announced the pregnancy on her blog and has been sharing since she learned the baby died and how she and her family are coping with the news. This is an inspiring post for anyone who has wondered, "why?" when God answered our prayers in surprising ways.

Musings of a (recovering) Strong Black Woman
Talks about why MSG is so bad for us...eye-opening...

Women Living Well
Directions for making your own carmel apples...Happy Fall!!

Kitchen Stewardship
Very interesting article regarding vaccines. Even more interesting follow-up conversations from readers. Topic I have become very untested in with all of the controversy about Gardasil. What do you think?

And finally, my giveaway part of today's post---send me an idea of what to call my Best of Blogville Post each week...I need a catchy name. Also, subscribe to my blog in a reader or by email. There are links on it and I will feel less lonely if I have some reader!! Do those two things and on Monday b-4 noon, I will pick a random winner to win $15 towards going to see Courageous. I still haven't been able to take Shawn to see it and I want to support them in some way...everything I hear is still so positive!!
Have a great weekend and hope to be more regular next week :o)

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