Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heard on the Web...

I disappeared again...this time to go visit my grandma for her 99th birthday and a bit early for my baby brothers bday...I missed them. Hoping some of these links are still good!! enjoy!

Inspired to Action
With the holiday season on us, this is a great reminder. It can always be so hard to find a balance between being your best and giving others you best :o)

Pancakes and Frenchfries
Even if this wasn't the BEST blog name and she wasn't based out of the DFW Metroplex, I would have still subscribed to her feed just for this amazing article...you really can't take it with you.

Homestead Revival
Having just spent a weekend back in PA where the snow will begin flying any second now and Hurricane season still underway here in TX, I thought this article on creating a three day emergency food stash was timely!!

Give Away's
  • Ask Anna is having a great giveaway for Purse Bling...very cool purse organizers. I am putting this on my Christmas list and purchasing for disorganized sisters everywhere...don't read my blog!! And ohmygoodness, the have purse hooks. My husband will be in christmas planning heaven. Making me happy and soving his woes all in one fel(t) sweep ;o) Check them out...here's the link.

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