Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and a 40% sale on My Grafico on my Blog

so I stole this from pintrest...if it disappears in a day or two, know that my theft has been found out. I am going to argue that I was just caught up in the spirit of the season, but not sure how far that will take me...

halloween burlap bunting_step9b.jpg

I suppose that may be the problem with Halloween...we always push the envelope. In the case of Halloween, I am not sure what exactly the point was supposed to be in the first place...

We first decided we don't want to trick-or-treat because, frankly, we don't let the kids eat packaged poison. Then decided, we may look unfriendly, but do we want to be nice at the expense of our neighbors children eating more packaged poison supplied by us. In a last minute attack of conscious, we bought 120 Halloween pencils after which we will turn off the lights and eat organic popcorn...really. This is my biggest worry today.

After a weekend when I learned that the little boy who first brought us face to face with the local drug culture by stashing a tote in our attic wall filled with hundreds of small baggies of oregano (yes, the KPD is still chuckling about that one...) is sitting in a local hospital on life-support because of a gun wound inflicted by the father of the child he was holding up after breaking into their home. A day after my son was given by his religious ed teacher, the saints book of her son who had committed suicide last month. I understand that he was upset by a lot of things...I am guessing he is involved in local drug scene. I have spent much time learning about it through my own children's friends and their own involvement with it. I think I will have a very special night with my baby girls while daddy takes the older kids to their brother's last football game. After we hand out the last pencil and turn off the porch light, the girls and I will be praying a rosary for everyone who is celebrating or mourning or hoping...the spirit of the season.

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