Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Musings and some give-aways...

So, I am not blogging on the scriptures today. I am not entirely sure why, but I am strapped for time and have guilt if I don't stay with the agenda. Then I thought, hey, my one subscriber joined when I posted scrapbook pages and if she is still here she is disappointed anyway, so I will just post :o) I am not completely giving up the format. I like that it always gives me something to say even when I can't think of anything else. Also, there are going to be changes in my life...there always are in Murphy-ville.

Another reason was my trip last week to PA. Since the onset of my multiple sclerosis and possibly just old-age, I don't travel so well anymore. And I was really busy last weekend. I tried to see as many people as I could and suck as much out of each interaction as I could. It felt so good. I miss my old life. I lovelovelove TX. The weather, the beauty, the convenience of city life. But I miss my old life. Even on a day, a week before Halloween and I am reading about 12 degree nights and snow already...I still do. I have tried to remind myself about all the trees that block the light and SAD and down days when I was lonely anyway because no one could leave home for days on end. But it doesn't help. I sat with a beautiful baby girl, held her on my lap and gazed at her mom who, yesterday, was also a baby girl. She lived across the street from us. She and her sisters, one older and one younger, were a huge part of the backdrop of our lives. I sat with her and her mom and her beautiful baby and we laughed about old times. We both posted about the visit on facebook and the third mom who was part of our three house cluster but also moved away chimed in. Its not like I lost all my friends by moving. They are still there, but there is something special about going to the store and running into old friends. Friends who I have know forever and their parents and kids too...and aunts and uncles. I know, it can be claustrophobic, but I miss it all. So I am praying that God shows us where He would really like us to be.

On top of all of that, we are also praying for discernment about the kids education. I know that I have praised the public school system and have had count downs for the end of summer vacation. Heck, I was almost thrown out of our elementary school at the beginning of the school year for doing my happy dance of joy. But I really feel that I am being called to homeschool...I would appreciate prayers there as well. And some thoughts if you homeschool yourself or if you don't. Input is good...someone said to me today that we hear God in the words of the people we talk to. Talk to me...

And in the mean time...some links to share. Enjoy!

Give-aways to enter:
Picky Palate
great recipe for pumpkin ice cream glazed donuts and a give-away for a Wilton donut pan for 10 readers...I love this site and the donuts look great...super way to wave good-bye to fall.

Pennies and Blessings
Chance to win  Veggie Tales new Christmas story and a CD of Christmas music...HOHOHO!!!

Articles of interest:

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Pinning it all and planning my menu for the weekend...maybe if the food is fun, they won't be so disappointed that we aren't having lots of candy!!
hey, its an apple (from

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